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From growing up in rural Texas to my first job in the professional theatre world I have passionately loved the Dallas theatre community. Throughout my career, I’ve had the great fortune to work on some truly inspiring projects, while meeting many amazingly creative individuals along the way. I believe in collaboration to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. I believe in working together to create something beautiful and meaningful. I have included pictures of pre-production, rehearsals, and production. I hope students can look at even the unfinished and see the beauty we are creating and will create. For more information about my experience, portfolio, or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project, get in touch today.

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Professional Resume

My Experience

Technical Director


M.A., Theatre                                         August 2019                        Texas A&M University

B.F.A., Theatre                                       August 2002                        Tarleton State University

Associates of Arts, Theatre                   August 2002                         Ranger College


Scene Shop Foreman • Tarleton State University • 2001 – 2002

I managed the construction of theatre scenery and assisted in the construction, placement, and rigging of scenery for departmental productions. Performed general maintenance and upkeep of shop machinery and tools, helped to plan and organize the construction projects, and instructed and supervised student workers in the construction of theatre scenery. 

Client Liaison/Master Carpenter • The Eisemann Center for Performing Arts • 2002 – 2004

I was responsible for obtaining technical riders and coordinating the load-ins and load-outs of clientele. I maintained theatrical lighting and sound equipment. I worked closely with the client to ensure a successful production.  I worked as the supervisor for IATSE work calls and the liaison between IATSE and clientele.

Theatre Instructor/English Instructor • Alvarado ISD, Alvarado High School • 2004 – 2005

As an Instructor of Theatre, Technical Theatre I and II, English I and II, I created lesson plans for each prep as well as directing productions. As the Technical Director I managed all technical aspects of productions and assisted the construction of scenery and rigging. I performed general maintenance and upkeep of shop machinery and tools.  I created shop drawings and instructed and supervised students in the construction of scenery, props, and costumes.

Technical Theatre Coordinator • DCCCD: Eastfield College • 2005 - 2021​

I was responsible for the coordination of technical requirements for all events scheduled in the Performance Hall and scheduling and developing the annual calendar for the Performance Hall.  I maintained a calendar of events, schedule rehearsals, staff events, technical needs assessments, and technical assistance. I supervised two Technical Theatre Specialists and work study students. I developed budgets and monitored theatrical, dance, contractual, maintenance, and personnel expenses. I created production calendars, supervise technical rehearsals, and acted as Technical Director and Production Manager for all theater and dance productions. I oversaw the construction of props, scenery, costumes, and lighting and rigging hangs. I provided work direction for students and other employees working on production events and/or class activities. I was responsible for the operation of sound and lighting systems for rehearsals and productions. I provided training in the use of lighting and audio/video control equipment. I performed routine maintenance and repair of theater and shop equipment and maintained inventory of all theater equipment. I taught technical theatre classes as well as designed lighting and scenic elements for theatre and dance. I also maintained a close relationship with theatre departments at local high schools.  

Technical Director, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer • Danielle Georgiou Dance Group • 2014 – Present

I am responsible for designing the lighting and scenic elements for each DGDG Production.  We work specifically in alternative or unique spaces, and I implement those designs in each space that DGDG occupies as well as coordinating load-ins and load-outs for each production. I work as an assistant director at times as well as a creative collaborator on numerous productions.


2021                       Technical Director                                                DGDG/Undermain Theatre

                               Technical Director                                                Very Good Dance Theatre

2020                       Technical Director                                                DGDG/Undermain Theatre

                               Technical Director                                                Theatre Three

2019                       Technical Director                                                Kitchen Dog Theatre

2017 – 2018           Technical Director                                                Cry Havoc                                                             

2016, 2018             Scenic Design                                                                                                         

2001, 2002,            Master Carpenter/Carpenter                             Garland Summer Musicals                


2003 – 2005           Master Carpenter/Carpenter                             Shakespeare Dallas                                             

2002 – 2006           Carpenter                                                          Dallas Theatre Center                


2021                      Agamemnon                                                         EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

2020                      God of Carnage                                                    EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

2018                      Just Girly Things                                                   FIT Festival/DGDG                   Bath House Cultural Center

                              She Stoops to Conquer                                        EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

2010 - 2021           God of Carnage                                                    EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                              The Butler Did It                                                    EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                              The Medea                                                            EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall                                                        A Midsummer Night’s Dream                                EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall                                                        A Christmas Carol                                                 EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

2004 - 2005          A Midsummer Night’s Dream                                 OAP State Festival                   UT Austin

                              Tartuffe                                                                  AISD                                         Alvarado HS Theatre

2002                       Clara                                                                    Tarleton                                     TSU Workshop Theatre


2019                       Mom, Perambulatory:Preableastory                                                                   Arts Mission Oak Cliff

2018                       Ophelia, Anna in the Tropics                                                                               Eastfield Performance Hall

2017                       One Minute Play Festival                                                                                    Kitchen Dog

2014 – 2015           Ethel, Moon Over Buffalo                                                                                   Eastfield Performance Hall

2013 - 2014            Bear, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe                                                     Eastfield Performance Hall                

2012 – 2013           The Vagina Monologues                                                                                    Eastfield Performance Hall

                                Mrs. Gloop, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory                                                Eastfield Performance Hall                

2011 – 2012            Old Joe, A Christmas Carol                                                                              Eastfield Performance Hall

                                The Vagina Monologues                                                                                   Eastfield Performance Hall

2001 – 2002            Rose, God’s Favorite                                                                                        TSU Small Theatre

                                Elmire, Tartuffe                                                                                                 TSU Small Theatre

                                Mrs. Alving, Ghosts                                                                                          TSU Small Theatre                               

2000 - 2001            Peter Quince, The Rude Mechanicals                  Tarleton                                Touring Show

                                Chorus, Agamemnon                                           Tarleton                                TSU Performance Hall

                                Elvira, Blithe Spirit                                                Tarleton                                 TSU Small Theatre               


2021                       Stronger Than Arms                                             Undermain Theatre              Undermain Theatre

                               Tenants/Ten Ants                                                 Very Good Dance                 AT&T PAC, Potter Rose

                               SHIFT                                                                  EFC Dance                           Eastfield Performance Hall

2020                       Things Missing/Missed                                        Undermain Theatre               Undermain Theatre

                               The Bippy Bobby Boo Show Call in Special        DGDG/Theatre Three           Theatre Three

                               Savage Seconds    (Film)                                    DGDG                                   Multiple Locations

                               God of Carnage                                                   EFC                                      Eastfield Performance Hall

2019                       Sister Act                                                             EFC/Skyline HS                    Eastfield Performance Hall

                               The Bippy Bobby Boo Show                                DGDG/Theatre Three           Theatre Three

                               Augusta and Noble                                              EFC                                       Eastfield Performance Hall

                               In Love and Warcraft                                            EFC                                      Eastfield Performance Hall

2018                       And Then They Came for Me                               EFC                                      Eastfield Performance Hall

                               She Stoops to Conquer                                       EFC                                       Eastfield Performance Hall

                               Just Girly Things                                                  DGDG/FIT                             Bath House Cultural Center

                               Anna in the Tropics                                              EFC                                       Eastfield Performance Hall

                               Vanya, & Sonia, & Masha, & Spike                     EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

                               A History of Everything (2018)                            Cry Havoc                              Margo Jones Theatre          

2017                       Things Missing/Missed                                        DGDG                                    J. Erik Jonsson Central Library

                                Northside Hollow                                                EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall                                                            Donkey Beach                                                    DGDG                                     WaterTower Theatre                                           Donkey Beach                                                    DGDG                                     Hamon Hall, AT&T PAC

                                In the Next Room                                               EFC                                         Eastfield College

                                War Flower                                                         DGDG                                     Bath House Cultural Center

2016                       The Yellow Boat                                                   EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

                               A Doll’s House                                                     EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall                                                           Pizzicato                                                              DGDG, Teatro Dallas              Dallas Children’s Theatre

                               Alice in Wonderland                                            EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

                               Good Kids                                                           Cry Havoc                                Bathhouse Cultural Center

2015                       Murder, Mystery, Mayhem Series:                       EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

                                    Sorry Wrong Number

                                    Abra Cadaver

                                    The Butler Did It

                               The Show About Men                                          DGDG                                    Eastfield Performance Hall

                               The Show About Men                                          DGDG, FIT Festival                Bath House Cultural Center

                               Sleepy Hollow                                                      EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

                               Medea                                                                  EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

                               The Great Gatsby                                                EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

2014                       NICE                                                                    DGDG                                     6th Floor, Wyly Theatre

2012                       The Vagina Monologues                                      HPAS                                      Eastfield Performance Hall

2011                       Miracle on 34th Street                                         EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

                               Dracula                                                                EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

                               The Vagina Monologues                                      HPAS                                       Eastfield Performance Hall

2010                       Picasso at the Lapine Agile                                 EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

2004                       Tartuffe                                                                 AISD                                       Alvarado HS Theatre

2005                       Macbeth                                                               AISD                                       Alvarado HS Theatre


2021                       Stronger Than Arms                                             Undermain Theatre                 Undermain Theatre

                               Tenants/Ten Ants                                                  Very Good Dance Theater      AT&T, Potter Rose

                               SHIFT                                                                   EFC Dance                             Eastfield Performance Hall

2020                       Things Missing/Missed (Film)                               Undermain Theatre                 Undermain Theatre

                               The Bippy Bobby Boo Show Call in Special         DGDG/Theatre Three             Theatre Three

                               Savage Seconds (Film)                                        DGDG                                     Multiple Locations

2019                       Sister Act                                                              EFC/Skyline HS                      Eastfield Performance Hall

                               The Bippy Bobby Boo Show                                DGDG                                      Theatre Three

                               Augusta and Noble                                              EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                               Ghost Quartet                                                      Imprint Theatre                        Bath House Cultural Center

2018                      Just Girly Things                                                   DGDG/FIT                               Bath House Cultural Center

                              And Then They Came for Me                                EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

                              Anna in the Tropics                                                EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

                              Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike               EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

2017                      Things Missing/Missed                                         DGDG                                      J. Erik Jonsson Central Library

                              Northside Hollow                                                  EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall                                                        Donkey Beach                                                      DGDG                                      WaterTower Theatre                                                                    Donkey Beach                                                      DGDG                                      Hamon Hall, AT&T PAC

                              Cabaret 2017                                                       EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                              In the Next Room                                                 EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                              War Flower                                                           DGDG                                      Bath House Cultural Center

2016                     The Yellow Boat                                                    EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                             Of Mountains and Seas                                        EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                             A Doll’s House                                                      EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                             Pizzicato                                                               DGDG, Teatro Dallas                Dallas Children’s Theatre

                             Alice in Wonderland                                              EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                             Cabaret 2016                                                        EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

2015                     Murder, Mystery, Mayhem Series:                        EFC                                          Eastfield Performance Hall

                                    Sorry Wrong Number

                                    Abra Cadaver

                                    The Butler Did It

                              The Show About Men                                          DGDG                                     Eastfield Performance Hall

                              The Show About Men                                          DGDG, FIT Festival                Bath House Cultural Center

                              Sleepy Hollow                                                     EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

                              Medea                                                                 EFC                                         Eastfield Performance Hall

                              The Great Gatsby                                                EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

2014                      Moon Over Buffalo                                               EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

                              NICE                                                                    DGDG                                     Dee & Charles Wyly Theatre

                              Charlotte’s Web                                                   EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

2012                      The Vagina Monologues                                      HPAS                                      Eastfield Performance Hall

2011                      Miracle on 34th Street                                         EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

                              Dracula                                                                EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

2010                      Picasso at the Lapine Agile                                 EFC                                        Eastfield Performance Hall

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